Commander Western Sea Frontier

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I was an RM1 at Commander Western Sea Frontier (COMWESTSEAFRON) working in the
basement 1968-1970. Lots of good memories. Lots of 12 on 12 off while Russian subs
were being followed.

Much time at the Acey-Ducey Club and lot of time in San Francisco. Also spent some time
in Oakland, one bar we went to had a lot of the Oakland Raiders come in there. Great
bunch of guys, they liked to drink almost as much as us sailors.

I have been trying to find a plaque or patch from COMWESTSEAFRON but can not find
anything. I have my uniform rocker patch, but that is not what I want.

Any body know where I can find a patch or plaque or even a photo of one. I have a couple
of sources that can make a patch.

Jerry Terwilliger


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