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Guardian of the island's history for over 40 years, the nonprofit Treasure Island Museum Association works to plan and fund the return of the new, full Treasure Island Museum, and to offer interim exhibitions, tours and online content.

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Mission Statement


The Treasure Island Museum's mission is to:

  • Preserve the island’s Pacific-themed heritage.

  • Inform residents and visitors of the island’s historical relevance to today’s issues and tomorrow’s concerns.

  • Invest in the island’s future through educational programs and community partnerships.

  • Inspire a new generation with the Bay Area’s spirit of ingenuity embodied by Treasure Island.

Vision Statement


Imagine a museum where the issues of today are examined and informed by history.


Grounded in the island's heritage, the Treasure Island Museum has stories to tell, and the opportunity to tell them in the place where those stories occurred. It will re-imagine the role of a museum, focusing on first-hand accounts and experiential exhibits that deliver authentic visitor experiences. The Museum will address relevant topics, steering away from traditional artifact display and toward immersive environments and audience engagement.


The Museum will continue outdoors, with displays around the island, linked mobile-friendly content, and smartphone-guided walking tours. Online exhibits will bring the island's story to virtual visitors around the world.


History has the power to inform the future, to support a vision, and to create a foundation for making intelligent contemporary choices. Visitors to the Treasure Island Museum will discover the island's historical legacy of ideas and witness its innovative strategies for conservation and low impact living. The Museum experience will inspire new thinking with its transformative vision of the future, education programs for school groups and adults will be interactive and dynamic, and the Museum will collaborate with other community organizations in the region.

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