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You Are Here: Exhibit Opening

2022 – 2023

The exhibit "You Are Here: The Story of Treasure Island" had its grand opening on September 17th 2022. This exhibit celebrates Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands’ history, and marked the first exhibit in Treasure Island Museum’s newly expanded space in the legendary Administration Building. 

This online exhibit is an extension of the in-person exhibition. It is meant to both document the incredible opening, and help bring the story of Treasure Island to a broader audience.

The in-person exhibit was curated by Dr. Annamarie Morel (Museum Manager) and Melanie Garduno (Collections Manager), with assistance from Anne Schnoebelen (Board Member) and Gabriela Grishashvili (Intern & Jr. Board Member). The exhibit was

You Are Here Exhibit Acknowledgments

Curators: Dr. Annamarie Morel and Melanie Garduno

Research Assistance: Anne Schnoebelen, Gabriela Grishashvili, and Walt Bilofsky

Exhibit Designer: Ann Carroll with assistance from Rebecca Schnier, AIA.

Online Exhibit

Created by Dr. Annamarie Morel, with assistance from Melanie Garduno and Gabriela Grishashvili.

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