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"Little Island - Big Ideas" Program Series

"Little Island, Big Ideas" Treasure Island Museum Program Series

From Island to Land:
Jo Mora’s Creative Trail in the Bay Area

Saturday, January 29, 2022
Jo Mora.png

The astonishingly versatile artist, writer and photographer Jo Mora left a trail of creativity throughout California, including - fleetingly - on Treasure Island. Born in Uruguay and educated in New York and Boston, Mora was fascinated by the American west and lived most of his adult life in California. His contribution to the Golden Gate International Exposition was one of its most detailed and expansive displays: the Portola Expedition Diorama in the California Building. Meticulous in its storytelling and execution, those details will be shared in photos and discussion. Unfortunately, a major disaster at the GGIE brought the diorama to a sad end.

But Mora's many artistic efforts, created before and after the Fair, remain in the San Francisco Bay Area for all to enjoy. Join the Jo Mora Collection Curator as he guides us along the path of Jo's lasting accomplishments, from San Raphael to San Jose.

Speaker: Author and speaker Peter Hiller has been enamored with Jo Mora (1876-1947) since the middle 1990's and has been fortunate to have his biography The Life and Times of Jo Mora: Iconic Artist of the American West, published by the Book Club of California and Gibbs Smith during the last few years.

Little Island, Big Ideas

Treasure Island Museum Program Series

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Until further notice, programs will be presented online. You must register to receive a Zoom login link.

These ongoing talks on the past, present and future of Treasure Island cover topics including Treasure and Yerba Buena Island history, San Francisco world’s fairs, naval history, current island activities and redevelopment, island sustainability, the Golden Gate International Exposition, and art and architecture on Treasure Island.

Construction Notice:  As redevelopment progresses, street and transit access and parking will be in flux. Here are current directions, but they will change from time to time.

Driving, as you approach Building One, after the stop sign, turn right into the parking lot. The Muni 25 stop has been reinstated on Avenue of the Palms between California and 3rd Street near Building One (inbound) and across from the inbound stop on Avenue of the Palms between California and 3rd Street (outbound to San Francisco).

See the Directions page for maps and directions to the safer new westbound Bay Bridge on-ramp.

The “Little Island, Big Ideas” program series is presented with support from the Treasure Island Development Authority and funding from the Historic Preservation Fund of the City and County of San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development.


Coming Programs

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Saturday, March 26, 2022 at 10:30 am
Exploring Science Through the Lens of Sailing
Speaker: Jim Hancock

If you’ve been to Treasure Island, you’ve personally experienced the physics of wind, and maybe the waves as well. The Sailing Science Center (SSC) is working to teach science using these forces, and create an interactive museum framed around sailing. Last year they began holding small, outdoor exhibitions with a stable of seven exhibits. Their 16-foot custom trailer can deliver this content to schools, YMCA’s, sailing centers, and elsewhere.

Most people’s first thoughts about the science of sailing go to the aerodynamics of sails, and maybe the resistance of a boat moving through the water, but the science of sailing goes much further. The SSC envisions seven galleries, with those galleries further divided into sixteen subject areas. When you begin to see what is possible, you realize there is an almost endless range of applied science that can be explored through the lens of sailing. The SSC is driven by more than 25 dedicated volunteers who have captured this vision of what can be done.

Sailing Science Center President and Founder, Jim Hancock, will give a short slide presentation about the history and vision of the SSC, and will bring a sampling of SSC exhibits to share with the audience.

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