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The Masthead

The Masthead was the official weekly newspaper of the Treasure Island naval base, chronicling major events and the daily life of the island from the first mimeographed edition in October 1941 until the base was closed in the 1990s.

From our collection, the museum has digitized

The Masthead from August 1944 to December

1945, covering the last year of World War II and

the start of demobilization. The Mastheads

were donated to the museum in 2017 by the

daughter of Yeoman Carolyn Brown (Offen),

who served on the Masthead staff during those



Click the images below to visit the daily life of

U.S. Naval Training and Distribution Center, Treasure Island, during this historic period.

A nearly complete collection of paper copies of The Masthead, from the files of the original naval Treasure Island Museum, is available by visiting the National Archives in San Bruno, CA.

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