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Treasure Island Museum volunteers make everything possible! Volunteers can learn new skills, enjoy monthly educational programs, and contribute to the growth and cultural legacy of Treasure Island.

We are currently seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks and roles including:

  • Museum attendants

  • Tour guides

  • Special event assistants

  • Exhibit specialists

  • Collection assistants

  • Volunteer managers

  • Technical specialists

Click here to get involved!


If you...

  • Enjoy Bay Area and U.S. History

  • Have lived or worked on Treasure Island

  • Served in the U.S. Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or WAVES

  • Attended the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition

  • Are interested in Pan Am Clipper seaplanes and aviation history

Share your experiences and history with Treasure Island Museum visitors and join Treasure Island Museum's staff as a volunteer today!

Sign up here or email us at for more information!


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