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Things to Do



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Looking for something to do on Treasure Island? Check out these options.


Aracely Cafe

401 13th Street

(415) 694-0363 - Reservations


Treasure Island Job Corps Fine Dining Lunch

TIJCC Campus

Reservations required (415) 277-2400

MerSea Restaurant

669 Ave. of the Palms near 9th St.

Breakfast and lunch


Food Carts

Tammy's Chicken in Waffles

Avenue of Palms bet. Treasure Is. Rd. and California Ave.

Mateo's Hot Dogs

TI Front Gate Viewing Area

Groceries and Sandwiches

Island Cove Market/Grocery

800 Avenue H

(415) 391-2299


Island Market/Deli

2 Avenue of Palms, in the Gatehouse

Moving shortly to 1 Avenue of the Palms, south side of the building (marina parking lot)



Woods Island Club

1 Avenue of the Palms

Building 1, Treasure Island

Visit the Woods Island Club website

Fat Grape Winery
1080 Ave. M (at 13th St.)
Building 670
(415) 613-8925
Visit the Fat Grape Winery website

Kendric Vineyards
401 13th St. (at Ave. E)
Building 33
(415) 806-4944
Visit the Kendric Vineyards website

Sol Rouge Winery
Clipper Cove Way (at Ave. G)
Building 141
(415) 756-2254
Visit the Sol Rouge Winery website

Sottomarino Winery
400 California Ave.
(at Clipper Cove Way)
Building 2 Annex
(415) 756-4200
Visit the Sottomarino Winery website

Treasure Island Wines
995 9th St. (at Ave I)
Building 201
(415) 394-9463
Visit the Treasure Island Wines website

Vie Winery
Clipper Cove Way (at Ave. G)
Building 448
(415) 756-1791
Visit the Vie Winery website



Treasure Island Gymnasium
Building 402, Avenue M and 9th Street
(415) 765-9037

San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby clubhouse and pitch
725 California Avenue
San Francisco Golden Gate Youth Rugby website

San Francisco Little Leauge fields
Avenue M at 4th Street; Avenue M at 8th St.; Avenue H at 9th St.
San Francisco Little League website

Treasure Island Yacht Club
300 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 434-4475
Treasure Island Yacht Club website

A Tran's Bay Bike Shop
One Avenue of Palms, Suite 021
(415) 678-5323
Tran's Bay Bike Shop website 

SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (SF NERT)

Treasure/Yerba Buena Islands team
Email TI/YBI NERT team
SF NERT website

Treasure Island Health Network (TIHN)
Email TIHN

Treasure Island Sailing Center
698 California Avenue, #112
(415) 421-2225
Treasure Island Sailing Center website

San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association clubhouse and grounds
Avenue H and 13th Street
(415) 398 - 2092
San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association website

Treasure Isle Marina
1 Clipper Cove Way
(415) 981-2416
Treasure Isle Marina website

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