Little Island, Big Ideas Program Series

"Little Island, Big Ideas" Treasure Island Museum Program Series

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Treasured Stories: Collecting and Sharing Treasure Island Oral Histories 1997-Present

Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 10:30 am
At the Treasure Island Museum
Located in the lobby of Building One (Administration Building)
1 Avenue of the Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130

*Note: this presentation is panel discussion and will take place in-person at the museum. You can also register for the event via Zoom at the link below.

As anticipation for the “new” Treasure Island grows – the island is set to welcome thousands of new residents and workers in the next few years. After decades of redevelopment following the closure of the Treasure Island naval base in 1997, Treasured Stories: Treasure Island Oral Histories 1997-Present highlights the work and experiences of those who have made the island a refuge for positive change. In response to this need, One Treasure Island, in partnership with the Treasure Island Museum, launched an oral history project formally documenting the experiences of those who have lived or worked on the island over the last 24 years. 


The exhibit, on view from June 24 - August 31 in the lobby of Building One, draws from oral history interviews conducted by Rheanna Binkley of One Treasure Island and showcases digital illustrations of project participants by San Francisco-based artist Bryce Albright. A portion of the recorded interview accompanying each participant's portrait is showcased in a digital exhibit (available via QR code). The portraits are presented alongside compelling quotations of interesting and uplifting accounts of island pride, radical inclusion, rewarding hardships, and whimsical moments.


A panel representing the “Treasured Stories” project team will discuss the process of: contacting participants; preparing for and conducting interviews; creating interview transcripts and curating participant quotes; designing and producing portraits; and creating a public exhibit of the oral histories. Additionally, the panel will highlight how the permanent archiving of these interviews at San Francisco Public Library will serve to provide key historical insights about the day to day experiences of Treasure Island workers and residents during such a unique time in the island’s evolution.

Panelists: Rheanna Binkley (Community Projects Coordinator at One Treasure Island)

Bryce Albright, (Artist)

Joanna Black, (Project Consultant)

Annamarie Morel (Museum Manager, Treasure Island Museum)

Little Island, Big Ideas

Treasure Island Museum Program Series

These ongoing talks on the past, present and future of Treasure Island cover topics including Treasure and Yerba Buena Island history, San Francisco world’s fairs, naval history, current island activities and redevelopment, island sustainability, the Golden Gate International Exposition, and art and architecture on Treasure Island.


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The “Little Island, Big Ideas” program series is presented with support from the Treasure Island Development Authority and funding from the Historic Preservation Fund of the City and County of San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

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