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January 30, 2021

Sisters in Art:
Esther, Helen and Margaret Bruton
at the GGIE

Margaret, Esther, and Helen Bruton, famous California artists of the 1920s and 30s, were at the height of their careers when Timothy Pflueger selected them to create a mural for

the Court of Pacifica at the Golden Gate International Exposition.


Their 8,000 square foot Peacemakers mural was the largest work of art at the fair, and of all the accomplished artists who participated, the sisters earned the largest commission.


In the second year of the fair, Helen Bruton was in charge of the wildly successful “Art in Action” program. This talk provides a brief overview of the sisters’ fascinating lives and careers with a focus on their important contributions to the GGIE.

Speaker: Wendy Van Wyck Good is a librarian and archivist at Monterey Peninsula College. Her book about the Bruton sisters will be published by West Margin Press in fall 2021.

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These ongoing talks on the past, present and future of Treasure Island cover topics including Treasure and Yerba Buena Island history, San Francisco world’s fairs, naval history, current island activities and redevelopment, island sustainability, the Golden Gate International Exposition, and art and architecture on Treasure Island.

Construction Notice:  As redevelopment progresses, street and transit access and parking will be in flux. Here are current directions, but they will change from time to time.

Driving, as you approach Building One, after the stop sign, turn right into the parking lot. The Muni 25 stop has been reinstated on Avenue of the Palms between California and 3rd Street near Building One (inbound) and across from the inbound stop on Avenue of the Palms between California and 3rd Street (outbound to San Francisco).

See the Directions page for maps and directions to the safer new westbound Bay Bridge on-ramp.

The “Little Island, Big Ideas” lecture series is presented with support from the Treasure Island Development Authority and funding from the Historic Preservation Fund of the City and County of San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Coming Lectures

February 27th                         Remains to Be Seen

10:30 am                                   Art, Artifacts and Ephemera of the GGIE

Although the Golden Gate International Exposition ended over 80 years ago, some remains still survive on the island, including, of course, the fair's Administration Building, but also the Pacific Unity Sculptures, the Pacific Basin Fountain, and some hidden treasures, Anne Schnoebelen has been researching the remains of the GGIE for many years and will share her findings.

Speaker: Author of the illustrated booklet Treasures: Splendid Survivors of the Golden Gate International Exposition, Anne Schnoebelen has worked for decades to preserve Treasure Island's remaining exposition art works. She submitted the application which gained California State Historic Landmark status for the island and raised funds to place the monument on the causeway. Recipient of a 2014 Preservation award from the Art Deco Society of California, she is a San Francisco City Guide and a Vice President of the Treasure Island Museum.

March (date pending)          Fashions of the 1939 World’s Fairs!

10:30 am 

A (virtual) fashion show by Laurie Gordon, with period music, featuring the Decobelles and Models from the Art Deco Society of California in authentic men's and women's clothing that would have been worn at the GGIE and the New York World's Fairs of 1939-40.  See how people dressed to attend the fair in day wear to explore exhibits and evening clothes for the dances taking place on Treasure Island. The smart suits, snappy hats and shoes are a far cry from the jeans and sneakers that would be worn for such a fair today.  Souvenir items such as aprons, scarves, hats and jackets from the fair will be shown as well as swimsuits like those featured in the Aquacade.


Speaker: Laurie Gordon has been producing gala events for many years, including several for the Treasure Island Museum, notably the spectacular three-day 50th Anniversary Celebration, which introduced the Decobelles. 

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