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Treasure Island is a special place whose rich history resonates in the present and inspires the future. The island’s latest reinvention is now underway, creating San Francisco’s newest neighborhood, a destination for local and international visitors, and a world model for sustainable urban living.

The Board members of the Treasure Island Museum and many of our supporters have formed deep ties to the island and its heritage. Working with an international museum design firm, we have created a vision for a new museum that will invite visitors and residents to share the understanding and connections that we have developed with the island, and to explore their own.

Visitors will enter through a proposed entrance from the new Building One plaza opposite the ferry landing and transportation center.  A space of 3,500 to 4,000 square feet has been allocated on the ground floor adjacent to the lobby.

The vision for the new Treasure Island Museum will evolve as the design process unfolds and the campaign to fund its construction moves forward.  With your support, the Board looks forward to the day when we can welcome you to the new museum.

The New Treasure Island Museum

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