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The Port Chicago Story




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The Treasure Island Museum believes that Black lives matter, that racism is wrong, and that systemic changes to society’s institutions will happen in response to broad support for the humanity of every person.

These beliefs are rooted in the story of Port Chicago, part of which took place at Treasure Island during World War II. It fueled national outrage at undeniable racism and led to systemic change: the desegregation of first the Navy and then all the armed services. 


To inspire needed change today, we have placed this piece of Treasure Island history online for all to see. This exhibition, previously in our museum gallery, is part of our ongoing programming on race relations and social injustice.

We invite you to learn about the hundreds of Black sailors who died, and the brave fifty who risked the death penalty to stand up for their rights because their lives mattered.

This is their story.

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