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Building One and Historic Area Tours

We can occasionally offer tours of the island focusing on its dynamic history: construction (1937-38), Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-1940), aviation history (1938-45) and the Navy years (1940-1997), as well as current activities and the future of the island.


Paid tours include an indoor slide presentation or other visual illustrations of the architecture, art and landscaping of Treasure Island in the past. Tour dates are limited by staff schedules and volunteer availability. Please contact us at least a month in advance to see if we can accommodate your group.

Suggested tax-deductible donation: $10 / person.

Email or call 415-413-8462 to schedule.

Visit Island Sculptures 

with Smartphone!

Bring your smartphone out to Treasure Island and enjoy a self-guided visit to the historic Pacific Unity Sculptures in front of Building One. The placards include QR codes so you can read the story of the sculptures on your phone.

Island Walking Tours 

We will resume offering walking tours when construction is complete on the island and when our Docent Training Program is in operation.  For information email

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