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Keeping the Ocean at Bay

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Learn how Treasure Island is being rebuilt with Sea Level Rise in mind.


 (Note: Preview available for desktop computers only. Mobile version coming soon)

The Port Chicago Story

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Pacific Unity

Pacific Unity Sculptures


Learn about the 6 remaining Pacific Unity Sculptures in front of Building One. The sculptures were at the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition around the Fountain of Western Waters, at the foot of the Pacifica statue.




Wish You Were Here!

Postcards from the GGIE

Take a trip to the 1939 and 1940 GGIE through a collection of postcards and memorabilia from the fair. The exhibition features postcards from the collections of the Treasure Island Museum, and the collection of guest curator Kathryn Ayres, vice president of the San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club.​



The Masthead:

July 1944 - Dec. 1945

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Browse Naval Station Treasure Island's weekly newspaper and experience life in the Navy and on the base as World War II drew to an end and peacetime began.



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