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Kay Rooney’s Hammond BV organ

The Treasure Island Museum is delighted to share holiday music performed by the late Kay Rooney, who played music for all the seasons in the Treasure Island Officer's Club for more than two decades (early 50's to early 70's). In 2019, Kay's vintage Hammond BV organ became part of the Treasure Island Museum's special collection.

Kay Rooney and her Hammond organ traveled to the Philippines in the 1940s when her husband, Major Andrew Rooney, served in the Army. In 1949, aboard the SS President Cleveland, Kay delighted passengers with her music in the ship's dining room. In 1951, she was hired to entertain dinner guests 4 nights a week at the Treasure Island Officer's Club.

The video above was recorded in 1992 at Kay's home in San Rafael, California, where she continued to play her Hammond Organ until her death in 2001 at the age of 95. After a complete restoration in 2019, her family returned the prized instrument to the island by donating it to the Treasure Island Museum. In the new year, this organ will once again be played on Treasure Island. Don't miss hearing it - join our email list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Your support makes it possible for the Treasure Island Museum to acquire and maintain the legacy of Treasure Island so future generations can cherish it, learn from it and continue to build the island's community of tomorrow.

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