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Featured on KRON4 News: Antonio Sotomayor's Pacific Basin Fountain remains on Treasure Island!

For Hispanic Heritage Month, take a moment to learn about the acclaimed Bolivian artist Antonio Sotomayor!

Among Sotomayor's most illustrious works in the Bay Area, is a grand terracotta fountain produced for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island. The “Fountain of the Pacific" is a massive oval topographical map that depicts the Pacific Basin and weighs over thirty tons! Sotomayor's fountain was on display for decades before it was dismantled and placed in storage in 1992.

This story by KRON4 News includes an interview with Treasure Island Museum Vice President, Anne Schnoebelen. Schnoebelen has been continuously advocating for the restoration and exhibition of the fountain.

The Fountain of the Pacific

Image 1: Fountain of the Pacific at the GGIE (Photo by Esther Baum Born, Environmental Design Archives, UC Berkeley)

Image 2: Sailors examining the Fountain during WWII on Treasure Island published in the Masthead Newspaper (Treasure Island Museum Collection)

Images 3 & 4: The Fountain on Naval Station Treasure Island circa 1966 (Courtesy of Danny Farrow)

Image 5: Photograph of Anne Schnoebelen and the fountain from 1990 (Photo by Laurie Gordon)

Image 6: 1985 plans to display the Fountain of the Pacific in front of the Administration Building. (World’s Fair Fountain Project, by Mackinlay Winnacker McNeil AIA)

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