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Launch of "Treasured Stories: Treasure Island Oral Histories 1997-Present"

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new oral history exhibit spotlighting Treasure Island community members and residents! In collaboration with One Treasure Island and TIDA, Treasure Island Museum has curated "Treasured Stories: Treasure Island Oral Histories 1997-Present"-- a special exhibit featuring the incredible interviews conducted by One Treasure Island.

It should come as no surprise that living on Treasure Island is, indeed, a unique experience, especially in this time of massive development and great change on the island. At this moment in the island’s evolution, Treasured Stories pulls together past and present residents, workers, and business owners to document and share their remarkable experiences of living or working on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

The exhibit showcases 14 portraits of project participants by San Francisco-based artist Bryce Albright. Each portrait provides a unique glimpse into the lived experiences of a Treasure Island resident or worker, with the aim to invoke curiosity, garner empathy, and foster community within exhibit visitors.

Portions of oral history recordings, accessible via QR code, accompany each portrait along with compelling quotations of interesting and uplifting accounts of island pride, radical inclusion, rewarding hardships, and whimsical moments from 1997 (when the island was decommissioned as a Naval Station) to the present.

"Treasured Stories: Treasure Island Oral Histories 1997-Present"

ON VIEW JUNE 24 - AUG, 31, 2022 At Treasure Island Museum. Located in the lobby of Building One, Directions: 1 Avenue of the Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130 Free to the public & accessible. Open weekdays 9-5 & during monthly Saturday programs.

For more information about "Treasured Stories" please email: For information about visiting, contact Treasure Island Museum:


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