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Zoe Dell Lantis, GGIE 'Theme Girl', Dies at 104

On April 22, 2020 we learned that Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter, the premiere "theme girl" at the Golden Gate International Exposition, as well as dancer, pilot, philanthropist, and international traveller, passed away. She died peacefully at her home in Ohio. She would have turned 105 on June 14th of this year. Zoe Dell was a generous philanthropist who supported the Treasure Island Museum and many other organizations, particularly those advocating aviation history. She was an honorary member of the Treasure Island Museum's board of directors through the time of her death. Although in the past few years her traveling was restricted, she came to visit us at the museum frequently over the years, and we held many events to celebrate her. In the former Treasure Island Museum, our GGIE Gallery was christened in her name. A street on the redeveloped Treasure Island will be named "Zoe Dell Lantis Lane" due in part to the Museum's advocacy. Zoe Dell was a remarkable, highly articulate and energetic woman with an endless supply of fascinating stories to tell.

Read this wonderful article about Zoe Dell Lantis and her long and interesting life in the San Francisco Chronicle here.


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